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20 September 2006



el Gibson watched his daughter get married yesterday - in his own personal church.

According to reports, the 'Lethal Weapon' actor looked on proudly as his daughter Hannah tied the knot with guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd in a traditional Catholic ceremony at his Holy Family church. The church is situated on Mel's estate in Malibu, California. But the fact that the church is on Mel's estate isn't what caught my eye and normally I wouldn't have cared.

What did catch my eye was the fact that the wedding ceremony and Mass was said in Latin! Way to go Mel! Call me an old-fashioned Catholic... but having been an Altar Boy and learning the dead language in order to give the proper responses, I have had an affinity for the "out-lawed" Latin Mass.

Maybe I'll get in trouble with some of my more modern Catholic readers but I do not like the present day Mass. Clapping, singing, shaking hands... ugh. I always felt that you went to church on Sunday to pray... not to perform and get so wrapped up in singing and clapping that you have no time to do what you are supposed to do in church... pray and think about your life.

The Latin Mass was used only for about 1500 years... until Pope Paul VI decided the Mass should be said in the local language.

Anyway, I could go on and on and write paragraph after paragraph on this subject. It's one of my all time favorite "bitch about" subjects.

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