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01 September 2006



n The Road, is the subject of today's pictures. Throughout my life I have been on many roads... some very smooth and other horribly rocky. I enjoyed today's picture because it made me go to a picture box that I don't get to go through nearly enough.

The pictures don't even come close to doing the actual scenery justice.

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Ciudad Acuna, Mexico

Beautiful downtown Ciudad Acuna in Mexico. I think I took this on a Sunday which explains the lack of action on this road.

Ciudad Acuna, Mexico

Big Bend, Texas

Everytime I think of Big Bend, the thought that if God ever had a playground, this is it! If this entire area doesn't take your breath away, you are dead. The first picture is of the road leading to Lajitas Mesa.

Big Bend, Lajitas Mesa

And this one below is the road to the Chisos Mountains.

Chisos Mountains

The End of the Road

This photo is self-explanitory. Some people just never wanted to leave this beautiful area.

Local Cemetery, Big Bend

Observations and Questions
So, what paths or roadways have you taken lately?

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Born this date in 1850 Albert Spaulding baseball player/founded Spaulding sports company, Phila. And in the death notices we find in 1547 Hernan Cortes Spanish general defeated Aztec Indians.

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Vietnam: Independence Day (1945)
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