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18 September 2006



es people... I am breaking into your confessions to address something that is really starting to piss me off. Now the Muslims are taking out their anger on the Pope and vowing destruction of Vatican City.

Get a grip people!

Now I'm NOT talking about the majority of Muslims throughout the world. I'm specifically talking about the small group intent on blowing up the world. These people need some serious injections of Prozac.

What I don't understand is why the bulk of the world's Muslims don't bring hail and brimstone down on their alledged brothers in the Muslim faith. I mean really do a jihad number on their brethren to stop all of this sword rattling and violence.

Let's assume they win and take over the world... yes, they control the entire world... it will only be a matter of time before they get bored and start battling themselves in the name of Allah.

Take a look at the Bible and the Quran. They are identical, the old testament and the Ouran... they begin to dither with the new testament. Well, actually the Quran doesn't have a new testament, but none the less.... Hmmmm, looking over the old testament, God does seem a bit onery with His smiting and smoting fits.

But I do believe the underlying messages and feelings are the same, whether it's the Bible, the Quran, the Torah... whatever. Give it a break people.

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