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15 September 2006



oly cow! I woke up about 2AM this morning and thought: "geez, it's Saturday and I don't have a photo for Scavenger Hunt Saturday!" I didn't even know what the subject was... Then I realized that I hadn't put out the trash either and I would be stuck with it until Monday. After about a half hour worrying, I realized it was only Friday. Man, was I relieved.

Did anyone catch the news about this girl in Arizona who hired a hitman to kill a girl whose picture appeared on her boyfriend's Myspace page? She met the "hitman" at a grocery store and paid him a down payment of $400 towards the $1000 price to bump off the girl. She wanted the girl shot in the head, and then a picture of the body to make sure she was dead. Lucky for the intended victim that the 'hitman' was an undercover cop.

I have to admit, I had a myspace account for about 2 days... decided I didn't like it and stopped posting to it. I'm not even sure I posted anything on it to begin with.

Observations and Questions
Ok, now that I am out of Saturday mode and into Friday mode, I don't have a clue what to ask. Therefore, it's open mic day on the News.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1907 Fay Wray Alberta, actress (King Kong). And in the death notices in 1979 Tommy Leonetti singer/actor (Gomer Pyle USMC), dies at 50.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Costa Rica, El Salv, Guatemala, Honduras & Nicaragua: Ind Day (1821)
Iran: Imama Ja'afar Sadeq's Death
Japan: Respect for the Aged Day
UK: Battle of Britain Day (1940)
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