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29 September 2006



emember the other day when I wrote about my hometown being on the cutting edge of non-smoking? The have enacted a bill to prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants and pretty much every other place in town? Well, they have made news again... they want to be so cosmopolitan ya know.

Philly celebrates Hispanic Heritage in September, African American Heritage in February, and Asian Pacific American Heritage in May. Well, now you can add one more month to celebrate in Philly... February is now officially Gay and Lesbian Month. Not only is it official now but it will also be taught/studied/examined in public schools.

An irate Senita Watson went to school district headquarters yesterday to find out how she could homeschool her daughter for the month of October. She won't let her 7-year-old second grader attend Emlen School during that period, she said.

"How can you celebrate gay and lesbian month? What are you going to teach my daughter?" asked Watson, who said she was calling on other parents to boycott the district in October. "They need to have a nonviolence month, not a gay and lesbian month... Our children have enough to worry about with drugs."

It should also be noted, especially if you live in Philly, that the National Day of Silence Against Anti-Gay Bullying is on April 18.

Now if there are any gay or lesbian people reading my blog today, please don't get your panties in a bunch... Gay/Lesbian anything is not a heritage... it's a sexual preference.

Yes sir/ma'am, Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love... my home town!

Observations and Questions
I may just write City Council a letter asking for a Heterosexual Male Month be on the calendar for next year.

NOTE I am not gay-bashing here... just pointing out that fair is fair.

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