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24 September 2006



ou have been sinning all week now and it's time to unburden those sins. I know I was a bit late today getting here but I was chatting with a girl on camera and... oh wait... this isn't about my sins is it?

If I go into detail then you will just read and forget all about your sins.

And we don't want that, do we? I didn't think so... Ok, you know the drill, ladies on the left and men on the right. Ladies get preference in the confessional. And remember I am always available for private confessions!

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Ok, enough of me blabbing... let's talk about you now.

Observations and Questions
Ok, let's get to the good part... the sins! Also, I know that this music has been playing for 748 days now, but I like it... and it's really good to confess sins to...
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