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04 October 2006



y blood pressure has been off the charts over the last few days. I want everyone to know that if I have a heart attack or another stroke, it's because of this goddamned mother f-cker in Paradise, Pa.

I can't even imagine the horror going through those poor girls' minds...

I can't even think of an appropriate name to call this piece of shit. And this bullshit about him molesting cousins 20 years ago, and the urge for himself to molest little girls is absurd. I'm not buying into it at all.

Aside from the families of those poor little girls, I really feel sorry for his wife and 3 girls. Oh.... My.... God.... the psychological problems they are destined to have for the rest of their lives. "Oh yes, my daddy massacred a half dozen little girls." And then he takes the cowards way out by killing himself.

I really, really, really, REALLY hopes that he is not forgiven in the afterlife. I hope his balls are crushed and ripped off every minute of every day for all eternity.

The Amish people held a meeting or a service and said they forgive the guy. BULLSHIT... there is no amount of forgiveness. I can't imagine the families of these little girls getting up and saying they forgive the guy.

I have little daughters and little grand-children... I would be beyond livid and there would be NO forgiveness in my heart no matter what religion I was involved with...

I am so glad I am calmed down since yesterday when I originally wanted to write this posting. I am sitting in an air-conditioned apartment as I write this. You wouldn't believe how bad I am sweating right now. God damned son of a bitch, mother f-cker.

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