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27 October 2006



ow well do you look at your phone book? This is an actual advertisement from the U.K. yellow pages. It remained that way for quite awhile until someone realized what was going on... lol

This is an advertisement from the yellow pages, until they realized that if you turned it upside down and covered the lady's head and the hand holding the glass, all was not as it seemed.

The telephone company has now taken this ad out because of the content.

Take a look at the first picture, and then the second picture (which is an inverted version of the first), watch as her face and the glass are covered — and see what you get.

Image Hosted by Hosted by

Image Hosted by

P.S. Where do people find the time to read the Yellow Pages UPSIDE DOWN??

Some critics have long maintained that companies and their advertising agencies often employ subliminal advertising to increase sales by concealing words and images (usually of a sexually suggestive nature) in their advertisements. The nature of "subliminal," of course, means that these alleged hidden persuaders are not obvious to the ordinary viewer and may require intense scrutiny or an unusual approach (such as viewing an image backwards, upside-down, or with a magnifying glass) to discern.

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Ummmm, when was the last time you really, REALLY looked at your yellow pages?

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