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13 October 2006



fter my brief hiatus I am now all full of my favorite brain drugs and am happily back to normal. For the brief time I was out of the meds and my head was clearing I even wrote an email to someone and told them they were a piece of crap. Wheeeee.

However, I decided also that I am taking way too many pills and I think some of them are duplicates just under a different name. On my next visit to my primary doctor I think we're going to go over this list and get rid of some.

I hate this whole idea of a Primary Doctor and then they send you out to all of the other doctors for each ailment. What happened to the "all in one doctor?" You know, you went to see your family doctor and he took care of everything... no making an appointment with another doctor who then sends a report to your family doctor... I'm not sure this system of referring works...

Back in Philly when I was a kid we had Dr. Bigley, who actually made house calls. Even if he didn't get to your house until midnight, he got there. (You knew when Dr. Bigley came you were good for at least 3 days off from school. I'm pretty sure he is the patron Saint of school children.) So when I grew up and got married and had kids, Doctor Bigley was still in business and he became the family doctor. He finally retired and that's when things went to pot. You saw the primary and he farmed out your different illnesses to other doctors.

Observations and Questions
Anyway, I'm glad I'm back. Since it's Friday... any plans for the weekend?

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