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08 October 2006



es folks... this is the Denny Shane First Annual No Prize Whatsoever Contest. Here is how it works... I am putting up a picture and you have to guess where it is in the world. The picture below also happens to be the busiest intersection in the world also with 1500 people crossing at the same time, everytime the light changes, at any given time, day or night!

Busy Intersection

Now you can't win if you just put the name of the country. This is hard so you'll need not only the city, but the intersection also!

Today is Sunday, so I'll leave this up today and tomorrow Monday. I'll announce the name on Tuesday along with the winner of nothing!

Hey hey! No pushing in the back there... everyone will get a chance to win nothing.

P.S. And no, they are not all my ex's lining up for alimony either.
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