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22 October 2006



nce again I am happy to provide Part 3 of our First No Prize Contest. Since the first 2 parts went over so well, I thought I would continue it with a 3rd part.

This representation is so popular I couldn't show the entire picture because you would get it immediately. Therefore I proudly present "the snippet" entry in our contest.

Snipet Contest

This one is the easiest so far. Everyone will get it right away. Simply tell me what this snippet is... The answer is twofold... who the people are and what are they doing? That's it... 2 answers wins the glamorous prize, which is nothing.

As normal this exciting contest runs today, Sunday and ends Monday night. On Tuesday mornings blog, I will post the entire picture and the winners name.

Observations and Questions
Come on, you know what it is... Take a wild guess!! HINT: Use your WILDEST imagination.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
My first TRUE love... SIGH: Born this date in 1942 Annette Funicello, Utica NY, actress (Mickey Mouse Club). And in our death notices today in 1934 Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd shot dead by FBI in Ohio.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
India, Mauritius, Singapore: Deepavali Day
Japan: Jidai Matsuri/Festival of the Eras (1895)
Puerto Rico: Veterans Day
Vatican City: National Day
US: Mother-in-Law's Day ( Sunday )
US some states: Veterans Day ( Monday )
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