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11 October 2006



ver have a day where you wish it simply never happened? I mean a day where everything went wrong... even your dreams aka nightmares were terrible? Welcome to Denny's World... otherwise known as My 24 Hour Visit to Haides.

Times are all approximate:

Now we're talking yesterday here... I woke up at around 2AM... ugh.

3AM - Started to write blog for the day.

4AM - noticed Killer the Fish staring at me. Mouth pressed against the glass of the tank, making opening and closing motions. I figured maybe he was hungry. Ack! No food. This is where I started to think maybe I was becoming a mental case... I got dressed at 4AM in the morning and went to Walgreen's to buy Fish Food!

5AM - Finished writing blog for Tuesday.

6AM - N.Y. Bagel store opens. Hop in my car with nice, warm, crisp bagels floating around in my brain. That was right up until I felt this thump, thump, thump. God, please don't tell me I have a flat. I get out of car and look at all my tires... the 3 nicely inflated tires and the one flat one. To make a long excruciating story short... call AAA's to come fix my flat.

7AM - AAA finally shows up and fixes flat. Go to bagel store and buy bagels that I don't feel like eating anymore.

Noon - It starts raining a little bit. I figure it's time for lunch. I'll make a nice sandwich of imported ham and cheese, with onion and pickle, tomato and lettuce. I have all the ingredients except I notice there are only a few slices of bread left. I reach in and pull out two slices. Is that mold on the corners? OK scratch sandwiches. Left-over pizza is pretty good for lunch anyways.

Okay, this reliving my day is depressing me... let's skip ahead to:

8PM - I settle down on the sofa to watch Dead Like Me on the SciFi channel. I have a sneaky feeling this show seeped into my brain for things to come.

9PM - I finally go to bed. Think I can sleep? Nope, I am laying there thinking about my funeral. I have got to stop atching that show. Right after I was buried, I fell asleep...

11PM - I wake up for a race to the bathroom. I finish and hop back into bed. Fall asleep right away. I drift off to dreamland... I dream about death again... I have to select 13 people to die. Wheeee.... I'm not even going into it...

1AM - Up to the bathroom again. Back into bed and back into another dream. I can see one of my ex's carrying what appears to be a baby. She's on a staircase with a bunch of people in her way. She tells me the baby is dying. I grab the baby... Now don't laugh here... I open the cake box... yes, the baby is in a cake box. When I open it, there is the baby... a vanilla frosted cake, yellow insides with red stripes. I decide to slice off a little piece and I hear a voice telling me not to slice the red stripes because they are the veins.

2:19AM - here I am writing this blog again.

Observations and Questions
Sooooooooooooooo... how was your day?

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