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25 October 2006



ix foot ball players on the varsity team of Willis High School decided to give blood and be late for football practice. Pretty commendable if you ask me. We hear so much these days about the bad things kids do... it's about time we hear something good.

The only problem here is that the football coach, a supposed adult, threw the boys off the football team because they missed practice and gave blood instead. I had to read this article twice because I just knew I misread it. Unfortunately I didn't.

The football players said head coach Mack Malone kicked them off the team after he saw them giving blood at a school blood drive right before practice on Monday. "We were all ready for practice," player Jeff Chachem said. "We were going out to practice and all of our stuff was taken out of our lockers and we were told to go home, that we were done playing football."

Some of the players are seniors, and the final three games of the season were their last chance to try to secure a college scholarship.

"He overreacted. He wasn't using the thought process that he tries to teach his kids and thinking things through. It never was about giving blood. It was about coming to practice a little bit late," said Brian Zemlick, the Willis Independent School District superintendent.

No shit Dick Tracy.

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