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18 October 2006



kay... I didn't want to make this posting because it might show you what a wimp I have become. Then again, I thought maybe I should submit, post it, and thereby help my friends to not become a slave to a cat.

Below you can barely see a set of piercing feline, beady eyes looking in my window.

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I guess about 6 months ago all of a sudden I noticed this cat walking around the complex. A very nice kitty... orange and white in color. I would walk past it and I'd say 'good morning kitty' and the cat would meow back at me.

In my apartment I always keep one front window open about 6 or 7 inches to allow fresh air into the place. One day I was sitting on the sofa watching TV or reading and all of a sudden I saw this little orange head pop up. After a minute that was followed by a long meow. I went over to the window and began talking to it.

I remembered some cat chow I had in the closet leftover from the kitten I had last year. So I went and got it, put it in a bowl and set it outside for the cat. BIG MISTAKE #1 The next day, guess who was back? I gave it some more chow. This became a routine... right down to the point where I actually went to the grocery and bought a bag of food. This was BIG MISTAKE #2.

Okay, fast forward 6 months. Now the cat comes to my window and meows as if to say: "ok, here I am, where's my food?" I swear that is exactly what she is saying.

We've become ummmm such pals that she now is coming 2 times a day! So far I have ignored her on the 2nd trip. Once a day I don't mind but I'm not being taken advantage of by a cat.

Yesterday, she comes to the window and goes through her little "I am starving meowing routine". I sigh and get up, open the front door and bend over to get her treats that I keep by the door. The second I am pre-occupied... she makes a dash through my legs... thinking she was getting into the apartment. I trap her between my feet. Oh no, this friendship only goes so far. I reach down and take her by the scruff of the neck and turn her around... pointing her in the other direction. She immediately turns around and tries one more time to get inside. Persistent little bugger.

So, here we are today... so far I haven't seen her but then again it's only 5AM. Yes, I have debated about 'adopting' her... but the complex has that 'you can have a pet for a $300 deposit' deal. I don't think so.

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Do you think this cat loves me or is taking advantage of me?
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