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09 November 2006



es, I know I haven't been around much but I do have an excuse. Honest! I've barely been able to post my daily blog offering and not much time to either comment or visit your blogs.

Here are my excuses:

1. Had to have top tooth pulled by dentist, Dr. Marque de Sade
2. Have abscessed tooth that needs to be pulled on bottom by same Dentist
3. Pretend hosital, with pretend doctors and nurses, I go to seems to
think I have a slipped disc that needs to be removed.
4. All of the above

Since I don't do things half way, #4, All of the Above is the correct answer. I am not a happy camper today nor have I been for a few days.

The space where the top tooth use to be hurts like hell. No wait, I meant HELL. I now am keeping Ambesol in business. The bottom tooth where the abscess apparently is located hurts like hell. Sorry, meant HELL. I am now financing Ambesol's plant in China.

My back is killing me. Excuse me, I meant KILLING ME. Ok, maybe I overdid that one, but since the gave me some kind of needle in my back, it only hurts A LOT now.

Seriously, I don't think I have enough strength to even complain about the Senate and House of Reps today. I am blaming all of my pain on them now. And to think, Nancy Pelosi is only a couple heartbeats away from being top gun. Ooowwww...

And the thoughts of Hillary... ouch, ouch... groan.

I hope I am back to normal tomorrow, and heavily sedated. Don't laugh, I want some mega-strength drugs here.

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