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14 November 2006



as anyone watched either Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel or Derek Acorah on Travel Channel's Most Haunted? First, I guess I should say I do believe in Ghosts for a lot of reasons.

I started out watching both of these shows every week. The premise of Ghost Hunters is that there is no such thing as a ghost. They go around to all of these supposed haunted places, filming and debunking that the place has any ghost. Pretty much everywhere they go, even to the Murtles Plantation in the Carolinas. The Murtles I believe is labeled the most haunted place in America. After spending 6 hours there, they concluded that the Murtles was not haunted. Why? Because they didn't see any ghost.

The best episode is when they went to California and visited the Queen Mary, another place reported to be over-run with spirits. Again, they found nothing... thereby bolstering their claim that there are no ghost.

Enter Derek Acorah and group. Man, the ghost were coming out of the woodwork. One of the most famous ghost of the ship is a little girl that was drowned in the swimming pool and supposedly appears regularly there. Ghost Hunters found nothing. Derek Ancorah and company found her right where she was supposed to be.

Obviously someone is lying here. See where I am going here?

Observations and Questions
So... are there ghost or not?

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