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08 November 2006



ith two seats in the Senate to be confirmed, and it could go either way, the Dems took control of the House of Reps... and with that victory goes some interesting campaign rhetoric.

They all claimed that we needed to get out of Iraq immediately. Okay guys, can you give us a date? What? You're kidding? You promised... Oh well, I predict we'll still be there next year this time. If there is anything I learned in 20 years of politics it was that campaign rhetoric and actual accomplishments after an election are two vastly different things. Pre-election = promise them anything. Post-election = maybe they'll forget the promises.

Once new members of Congress actually get voted in and begin to see how things really work in Washington, it's a different story. Good intentions get slightly shifted to the back burners while the euphoria of being a Congressman or woman takes over and swells the head to enormous sizes... along with egos.

Observations and Questions
If you man or woman won yesterday... now is the time to begin to hold them to their promises... write and email them every week on those issues that you liked and the reason you voted for them. Don't allow them to slip into obscurity that is our Congress.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1951 Mary Hart Sioux Falls SD, TV hostess (Entertainment Tonight). And in the death notices in 1978 Norman Rockwell artist, dies in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, at 84.

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