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16 November 2006



nce again, just when I am pretty sure I've seen it all, along comes something that floors me. O.J. Simpson has written a book and Fox Television is airing a "special" with O.J. entitled, "If I had Done It"

The special has O.J. talking about if he had committed the murders, how he would have done it. I am totally flabbergasted.

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Is this unbelievable or what? This guy has got to have the biggest set of cajones I have ever seen. There are tons of sources nationwide protesting the showing of the TV show and encouraging people not to watch it and to let Fox know why they're not watching it.

Observations and Questions
Will you watch it? Me? Sigh... yes I am one of the spineless whatevers and I'll be watching it.

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Born this date in 42 -BC- Tiberius Cesar 2nd Roman emperor (14-37 AD). And in the death notices in 1960 Clark Gable dies at 59.

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