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30 November 2006



irst we had Mel Gibson muttering anti-Semetic statements upon his drunken arrest a few months back. Now poor, funnyman Michael Richards in under attack.

When Michael Richards was accused of hurling anti-Semitic remarks at a comedy club audience, his publicist explained the comedian was Jewish, in theory inoculating the under-fire actor from further charges of bigotry.

There was one problem, though: Richards was not, and is not, Jewish.

To make matters worse, in my humble opinion, Richards goes on the Jesse Jackson radio show to apologize once more. I think Mel still has him beat for apologizing... 53 to 49. Where does slamming end and comedy begin anymore?

I can remember watching Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton and Milton Berle on TV and I'd be howling in laughter at their stupid jokes... none of which were defamitory towards anyone. Now it seems every commedian had to be on stage making fun at different religions, or peppered ethnic slurs. Just tune into Def Comedy and see the beating white people take from black commedians. Where's Jesse then? I don't know.

Well, let me leave y'all with a favorite of mine... there was a priest, a minister and gulp, a rabbi in a rowboat.....

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