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01 November 2006



r worse yet, how many went through the kids bags and told the kids you were tasting the Hershey bars for safety purposes? Uh huh...

Well, not one single kid knocked on my door last night. None, zippo, nyet, zero. I could hear kids walking past my windows, but no knocks. I wonder if having the lights off in the living room deterred them? "No, no! Don't knock there... that crazy old Shane guy lives there!"

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When I lived in Philly on Halloween you might have put a cardboard pumpkin in the window as a decoration but here in Houston people have orange Christmas lights up in the windows. Is that a fad where you live?

Observations and Questions
Do you do anything strange or out of the ordinary on Halloween?

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Born this date in 1942 Larry Flynt magazine publisher (Hustler) . And in the death notices in 1947 Man O' War dies. Sniff...

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