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07 November 2006



ere it is 3AM, Election Day in the U.S. and I don't have a clue as to who I am voting for in this election. Years ago it was so much easier when I was in politics... pull the straight ticket and be done with it. All over in 2 seconds.

Now that Saddam has been found guilty a few days before our election, the only thing better would have been if they could have hung him publicly a day before our election. Now THAT would have helped me make up my mind.

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What to do, what to do? Do I cast my vote to continue on the road we've been on which ends up in the abyss? Or do I jump to the other party and take a different path to the same abyss? I hate election decisions... the only question is who will get us to the abyss faster. Do we want it to be painfully slow or amazingly fast?

I am so confused... do I vote for the people that will keep us looking for terrorist, keep us safe and stay in an unpopular war? Or should I vote for the people that will pull us out of war and thereby highlight the fact that we've lost over 1,000 men and women for nothing?

Well, it's now 3:23AM and I still have about 3.5 hours to make up my mind...

Observations and Questions
Whoever you vote for, just make sure you go and VOTE. If you don't, then the other guy wins!

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Born this date in 1964 Dana Plato Maywood CA, actress (Kimberly-Diff'rent Strokes). And in the death notices in 1980 Steve McQueen Slater MO, actor, dies at 50.

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Mexico: National Railway Memorial Day (1907)
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