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21 November 2006



e've all seen Lindsey Wagner selling those sleep number beds, right? I am so glad at least here in Houston that they have stopped that commercial... it was longer than War and Peace...

I have to laugh at the new one they have... where people tell of there personal enjoyment with their new sleep number bed. However, someone needs to be the editor of these commercials. There is one girl that claims, since sleeping on a sleep number bed, she now is dreaming again... ummm honey, the rule is... you are not sleeping soundly if you can remember your dreams when you wake up... I think you need a new bed.

Then there's the lady who claims she hasn't slept well in over 30 years on her old, lumpy mattress and bed... couldn't sleep through the night,kept waking up. She went and bought a new sleep number bed. And miraculously, the very first night she stopped turning and tossing and for the first time in 30 years she actually slept through the night. Oh come on lady...

Observations and Questions
Ok, Seriously.. what kind of bed do you have? And don't you need a Sleep Number Bed?

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Born this date in 1937 Marlo Thomas Detroit MI, actress,[Mrs Phil Donahue](That Girl!, Jenny). And in the death notices in 1941 Juanita Spellini first woman executed in California. Congrats there Juanita.

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North Carolina: Ratification Day (1789)
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