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02 November 2006



ell, while I support our troops not just in the present war, but all over the world. I think enough is enough. I am downright tired of things. Now Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said on Thursday that U.S. troops should stay for up to three more years in Iraq to enable local authorities to build up their own security forces.

Ummm, excuse me there Mr. President Jalal Talabani.... bullshit.

Sure, keep our men and women there fighting and dying while you and your cabinet or whatever that sideshow is twiddles your fingers and act like a bunch of nutcases.

However, he said that "international terrorists" were still concentrating all their efforts in Iraq which meant the country needed outside help to defeat them.

"We need time. Not 20 years, but time. I personally can say that two to three years will be enough to build up our forces and say to our American friends 'Bye bye with thanks'," Talabani told a conference.

Quite frankly I am starting to think that while we initiated the new government, it's time for that new government to take over and run their own affairs. Let it rise or fall on your own merits. You've got a month. We want all our troops home for Christmas.

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