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27 December 2006



ut, does it do any good whatsoever? Of course I am speaking about Saddam Hussein who was sentenced to death by hanging within 30 days from today.

When I was younger, I was 100% pro death penalty... gas chamber, electric chair, hanging, firing squad, pulling out fingernails... whichever got the job done. Now I ask myself constantly... is it working? Is the death penalty a deterrent? I honestly don't know. The purpose is to punish the guilty and set an example of what could happen if you take the same route in life. His death will not deter future terrorist by one ounce.

Which hurts him more... being put to death and it's over? Or giving him life in prison to languish? From what I've seen Iraq's prisons aren't quite as good as they are here in the US. Maybe we'd see him piled up like the other guys from the prison that's shut down.

What to do, what to do? Is it against the law over there to be laid out naked in a field, pour honey or some kind of donkey food on your privates and then have a donkey lick your privates until the fall off? And then pour vinegar over them to help heal them?

I wonder if it will be on TV as a January Special? You know, for sweeps month. I am pretty sure the actual hanging won't be on US television... but you'll surely be able to see it on the internet somewhere.

Any thoughts on this entire situation?

Observations and Questions
So... should Saddam be hung first or last to build suspense. AND... do you think he will even live to his execution date? He might commit suicide.
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