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13 December 2006



nless, of course, you're talking about TV's famous Mr. Ed... The things I learn thanks to the internet. I have a question for you TV buffs out there... Remember the old TV show Mr. Ed? Where Mr. Ed and his owner Wilbur would chat and get into ridiculous situations? Of course you do...

Well, I have a little question for you: Mr. Ed was a horse... True or False?Everyone answered True, right? Guess what? Mr. Ed wasn't a horse at all!

That's right TV buffs... Mr. Ed wasn't a talking horse... he wasn't even a horse. Mr. Ed was a... drum roll please... Mr. Ed was a zebra!! Nonsense you say... you could plainly see he was a horse. Not so Kimosabe... Because TV was in black and white back then, the zebra's colors couldn't be seen and appeared all white.

An even bigger shock... Mr. Ed, not only was not a horse, but Mr. Ed was a female!

Other problems with black and white TV's back then... The difficulty in resolving closely integrated black and white images on non-color television receivers was one of the primary reasons NFL games were not regularly televised until the mid-1960s, when sales of color TV sets started to outstrip those of black-and-white models. When black-and-white television predominated in the nation's living rooms, football games were too often disrupted when players ran into the referees, whose black-and-white striped uniform tops made them nearly invisible to onlookers.

Likewise, Johnny Cash's famous televised live concert performance at California's Folsom Prison in January 1968 proved disastrous when several inmates wearing the traditional black and white prisoner's garb slipped unnoticed past guards, who had been provided only black and white monitors with which to view the proceedings.

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Amazing, huh?

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Born this date in 1925 Dick Van Dyke West Plains MO, actor (Rob Petrie-Dick Van Dyke Show). And in the death notices in 1979 Jon Hall actor (Ramor of the Jungle), dies at 66.

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