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18 December 2006



really have to blame it on something, so it may as well be the holidays. Normally, when I wake up the blog ideas are simply spilling out of my head. The problem is to pick one and write about it.

Lately I wake up and my head is empty. I can't even come up with a sucky post.

To wit:

Usually I decorate my front window with all the little houses and people I have bought. Stick lights inside the homes and it looks pretty neat. This year for some reason I set them all up on my dining room table with my little 3 foot tree in the middle. Then I turn on the Christmas lights and open the blinds for the whole world to look in and see my apartment. There's only one problem with this scenario...

I need to remember to wear clothes. Hey, I live alone and this helps with the washing and drying bill.

Observations and Questions
So how do you decorate your windows??
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