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17 January 2007



ow I know we have a few pit bull owners who read the "News" and I am sorry if I upset you with this story... but it must be told...

I was watching Court TV today and they had an interesting story. A guy in Florida was caught with his pit bull by his wife. Ummmm, the guy was in a quite compromising position with the pooch. The wife took 2 pictures of the naked chap with their doggie and promptly called police. That is the story I wanted to share with you today, unfortunately Court TV hadn't put it up on their website yet. So I found a similar story to share with y'all... I didn't know pit bulls were so sexually attractive. Ugh.

A Spanaway, Pierce County, man has become the first person charged under the state's new felony bestiality law.

Michael Patrick McPhail, 26, was charged Thursday with one count of first-degree animal cruelty after his wife allegedly caught him having sex with the family's pit bull, according to charging papers filed in Pierce County Superior Court.

The woman snapped two photos with her cellphone camera, then dialed 911, authorities said.

McPhail was bailed out of jail on Friday, two days after the alleged incident.

According to Rita Morgan, national cruelty coordinator for Pasado's Safe Haven, McPhail is the first person in the state charged under the new law, which makes bestiality a Class C felony, punishable by a maximum of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The law was spurred by the case of a Seattle man who died last year after having sex with a horse at an Enumclaw farm.

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Ummmm... I know there are a few pit bull readers out there. Any comments?

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