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10 January 2007



s many of you know, I am normally a very mild-mannered person... shutup, yes I am.

Did I get upset when my bagel place went from 25 cents to 30 cents for Everything On Them Bagels?? A little but that was ok... You think I got upset when gas hit a bazillion bucks a gallon? A bit, but such is life.

This morning, before going to the bagel place I walked into the Walmart Grocery store which is across from the bagel place.

I need cigarettes. I non-chalantly walked up to the counter... before the cashier got to me I had the opportunity to glance over the cigarettes. Which brand should I buy this week?

Holy good crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, that deserves a few more !!!!!!!!!!!

My eyes first hit Marlboro 100's. $54.60 a carton... Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought to myself, man am I glad I smoke the cheap ones. I looked down on the bottom shelf... hahahahahah obviously a joke. Last week the no name cigarettes were a mere $20.00... $36 mind-blowing dollars and 52 friggen cents!!!

I thought I was gonna have another stroke right on the spot! I think I decided that the time has come... finally. After all these years.... yep... I have to find the blog address of that Indian reservation that sells them for $14.00 a carton.

Oh big deal... so they make them out of tumbleweed...

Observations and Questions
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This is a cause we can all get behind! Hugo Chavez, friend to Castro, Iran, Syria, Al Quida and the larger socialist movement, has vowed to destroy the
United States. Now he changes the name of his nationalized oil fields and the associated fuel company, CITGO, in an attempt to continue "stealing" money from his avowed enemy. Let him drink the oil or swim in it; don't help the bastard take your money under false pretenses. It is time we all remembered that the United States is at WAR with Al Quida and their supporters - Iran, Syria, etc. In war you don't support your enemies or theirallies. DON'T BUY PETRO EXPRESS!
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