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14 January 2007



hen two more keee---rashhhh's, right outside my bedroom window... and I do mean right outside. I jumped up in bed and opened the blinds... another pick-up truck and a small sedan two feet from my bedroom window smashed... and there was a pick-up truck revving his engine and off he went and proceeded to crash into two more cars, before swinging around and crashing through a chain-link fence and coming to a stop.

I'm writing this at 1 AM, and this all happened at midnight. So I get dressed and head on out to see the damages. By now there are tons of people out there all milling around checking out all the damages and smashed cars. The driver of the truck that did all the damages appeared to be okay.

The funny thing is none of these people saw the accidents but they all knew just how it happened... and none of their stories matched. Laugh. I think the cops had 8 different versions. One of the cops walked towards me with pen and pad in hand... I waved him off and said, "I was sleeping." and he walked away.

An accident like this brings out the people... there were residents that I had never even seen before milling all around. A cute dark-haired woman was standing next to me asking what happened. I filled her in as much as I could and with what I picked up from the other people. At one point there was a loud popping sound coming from one of the cars. The cute woman grabbed my arm... yes, had anything happened I would have thrown her to the ground and covered her body with mine to protect her... unfortunately nothing happened after that.

And now, here it is 1:16AM... I am wide awake... the only good thing to come out of this whole incident is that I have my blog article written for Monday. Yippeee.

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