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16 January 2007



es folks, I am on a new diet. No, not the South Beach Diet, I'm not seeing Jenny Craig... this is the Denny Shane Starvation Diet. And it really works! The only rule is you cannot eat food! Yes, yes, I know about the health risks of not eating... but on the positive side... I'll look terrific in my coffin.

Of course I haven't stopped eating... I'm not completely crazy... yes you are, am not, are to... I'm simply cutting way back on what I eat.

And I thought what better way to help me lose weight than to put it right out there for the world to see. Since I hate to lose and embaress myself, I've decided to put the pressure on myself by publicly doing this weight thing.

Every morning I'll weigh myself when I wake up and put the results up top on the banner-thingy. I am serious about losing weight this time. The reason: oh forget health... I am losing weight for love.

If ever I am going to get a woman I have to get back down to my love weight... which is about 190 lbs. If getting there is easy then I may even try for my Navy weight 160 lbs.

Observations and Questions
Who knows, by the end of the week I may say "to hell with it all" Shrug. Oh, and P.S. Don't ask me what BMI means becauase I don't know and I don't care. I only deal in pounds and ozs.

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