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08 January 2007



es, some people may think this is an unpleasant subject. But it is something I've wondered about... Now you'll see just how goofy and erratic my brain works, day in and day out.

In your bathroom... where is your toilet paper? Namely on the little roller attached to the wall? Or could it be on the toilet tank? On the floor? On the bathtub edge? Or per chance is it where it's supposed to be on the toilet paper holder thingy?

I thought about this at 3:30 AM this morning... There I was minding my own business, I reached over to the bathtub edge and took the toilet paper and in one swoop I dropped it. Normally, it just rolls across the floor... this time it not only rolled across the floor, but it continued rolling into the other room. Stopping at the opposite end of said room.

Now I had to slowly, meticulously and gently pull the edge of the paper back towards me... moving so slowly as not to unroll it again and have to start all over.

Oh shutup... you know this has happened to you...

Observations and Questions
So... where is your toilet paper?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1947 David Bowie [Jones], London, singer/actor (Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust). And in the death notices in 1324 Marco Polo Venetian explorer/Governor of Nanking, dies.

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Louisiana : Battle of New Orleans/Old Hickory Day/ Jackson Day (1815)
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