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05 February 2007



uy my cigarettes over the Internet from the Indian Reservations...

Brick resident Craig Mathews, 57, quit smoking last April, but not before racking up a $10,426.11 sales-tax bill for buying cigarettes over the Web for years.

New Jersey residents who buy their cigarettes over the Internet are experiencing a big reason to quit: huge sales-tax bills.

The state is cracking down on residents who buy their smokes online to avoid state sales tax, a development that has caught many Garden State smokers by surprise.

Tim Nolan, 52, received a sales-tax bill from the state of New Jersey for $4,115.28 for the Pall Mall cigarettes he purchased online from July 2003 to March 2005.

Both men said they bought the cigarettes over the Internet to save money and didn't know that they had to pay sales tax to the state of New Jersey.

"We should have gotten a warning," Nolan told the Asbury Park Press in yesterday's editions. "We were ignorant of the law."

A professor at Rutgers School of Law, Mark Weiner, said that under a federal law called the Jenkins Act, tobacco companies that sell their products to out-of-state consumers must report sales information to the state where the consumer lives.

Observations and Questions
This is just crazy... Cigarettes they want people to quit... buy you can still carry that trusty firearm.

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Born this date in 1848 Belle Starr [Myra Belle Shirley] US female outlaw (wild west). And in the death notices in 1973 L C William Nolde last US soldier killed in Vietnam, funeral.

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